Damian Voltes abandona finalmente .FOX Networks

El lunes .FOX Networks anunciará la exitosa integración de Digital Ventures a FOX pero la noticia es la salida de Damián Voltes como Vice Presidente de Business Development con lo que se va el fundador de Digital Ventures y las dos empresas que lo hicieron ser adquiridas: Directa Networks e InZearch

El otro fundador, Ariel Arrieta, está de vacaciones y con la Blackberry apagadísima con lo que lo envidio terriblemente. Y aunque .FOX está cada día posicionandose mejor en el mercado de la publicidad online; el tip para el mercado es: esperen noticias de Damián en poco tiempo porque un emprendedor no puede quedarse quieto mucho tiempo ;)

Damian Voltes to step Down as VP Global Business Development

Los Angeles, CA, February 15, 2009 – .Fox Networks, a Fox International Channel and News Corporation company, reported today that Damian Voltes, has stepped down from the company after the successful integration of Digital Ventures.

Damian Voltes co-founded in 2003 Digital Ventures (aka Directa Networks), and InZearch (search engine marketing) and grew the business to become one of the leading Ad Networks in Latin America. Both companies were acquired by Fox International Channels in July 2007.
Hernan Lopez, President of Fox Networks said, "We appreciate the vital role Damian has played in making .FOX a success. Post-acquisition, Damian not only focused on the successful integration of the operation, he also helped shape the international expansion strategy for our ad network.

Since the integration, we have increased revenue four-fold and significantly expanded our global operation from 3 offices in Latin America to 21 offices spread across 4 Continents. Fox’s management is grateful for his many contributions since the acquisition of Directa."
"Becoming part of the Fox family and using these resources to rollout our operation internationally has been a tremendous source of pride and accomplishment for me", said Damian Voltes. Since the inception of Directa, I've been fortunate to work with some of the most remarkable, innovative and dedicated people I've ever known. By working together, the people of this great company have been able to achieve extraordinary growth and deliver substantial value to our shareholders".

Regarding his future, Damian Voltes said, “I’m a serial entrepreneur, it's in my blood. I’ve been doing online startups since 1996. There are a lot of great ideas out there right now and I really look forward to investing in early stage companies once again. While challenging work, the rewards are immeasurable. I also want to thank the people at Fox for the opportunity to serve such a pioneering company during these exciting times in our industry.”

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