Astro Teller y el ROI de Google X

Geoffrey Hinton, Alex Krizhevsky, and Ilya Sutskever (left) will do machine-learning work at Google. Photo: U of T

Hay una muy breve nota en el NYT sobre Astro Teller: on Making Profits at Google X y una frase sobre el concepto de ROI

Q. What responsibility does Google X have to Google’s bottom line?

A. Our way of thinking about ourselves is that we owe it to Google to explore new problems for Google to have a hand in (solving) and new businesses for it to get into over time. Our time horizon is longer than most of the rest of the companies’ time horizon tends to be…

Q. Have any products produced that yet?
A. It would be fair to say Google Brain (now called the Neural Network Project) is producing in value for Google something that would be comparable to the total costs of Google X — just that that one thing we’ve spun out.

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