La nueva tríada: Google, Facebook, Amazon


Hubo un tiempo que la tríada que dominaba el mundo online era denominada GYM por Google, Yahoo y Microsoft; hoy Google, Facebook y Amazon son la tríada de poder online; es interesante leer el análisis de Slate: The Internet as we know it is dying

But the indisputable fact remains. Between the two of them, Facebook and Google control the universe of online advertising and determine how the currents of web traffic flow. (And let’s not forget Amazon’s disproportionate power in the world of retail.) Both companies are engaged in a winner-takes-all strategy of constant expansion, gobbling up any newly emerging companies that have succeeded in accumulating a critical mass of users. Both companies, accountable only to their shareholders, enjoy enormous power in influencing our civic conversations.

Y aunque muchos son pesimistas, creo que la misma dinámica de Internet es la que evita que estos carteles se sostengan en el tiempo; lo único que me preocupa es la intensidad con la que están compitiendo, el largo plazo de sus apuestas y su capacidad financiera para romper todos los huevos posibles.. pero no me pongo en una mirada negativa como la de Matthew Ingram en I miss the old blogosphere:

But it feels as though we have lost the personal element, as everyone tries to build businesses, and we’ve allowed proprietary platforms to take over a huge amount of our interaction. So forgive me if I get a little wistful.

¿Estamos dando poder sin siquiera pensarlo? Seguro (el mejor ejemplo es el "seamless login" de FB/GOOG/Twitter) pero a cambio estamos recibiendo un ecosistema donde crear en diferentes plataformas y con suerte de esas creaciones vendrá la competencia a esta tríada.. con una visión que siempre es fascinante :)

"It’s also true that over time many companies get comfortable doing what they have always done, with a few incremental changes. This kind of incrementalism leads to irrelevance over time, especially in technology, because change tends to be revolutionary, not evolutionary. It’s why we continue to invest for the long term, in our next generation of big bets. In healthcare we have Calico—a new company led by the former CEO of Genentech, Art Levinson, that’s focused on health, wellbeing and longevity—and Iris, a smart contact lens designed to transform the lives of people with diabetes. We also recently acquired Nest, a company that’s taken unloved household products like thermostats and made them much more useful. And we’re excited about our new Google Shopping Express service, which is a great way to get deliveries the same day you order them, and self-driving cars (no explanation needed!). These seem like pretty crazy ideas today, but if the past is any indicator of our future success, today’s big bets won’t seem so wild in a few years’ time." 2013 Founders Letter de Google

Nota: ¿Y Apple? ;)

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