La economía móvil va mutando a la de la web

Excelente rant de Fred Wilson, no porque sea novedoso en si sino por la claridad con la que expresa la lógica del cambio en el mundo móvil:

I do not believe that Apple’s model is going away. And I think Apple will remain an important and leading mobile platform for a long long time. But their period of being “the mobile platform” is ending and it is important to understand what that means.

I think it means the mobile is slowly but surely moving to a web model. And as that happens, it is important to think of it as one big web and lots of devices and software accessing it. Lots of devices means billions of devices accessing largely free content and applications with advertising and freemium and commerce and virtual goods and many other business models generating trillions of dollars for developers. Just like the web, but even bigger and more exciting.

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