Ideo imaginando Google en 2004

FF_124_google_3a FF_124_google_3b FF_124_google_3c FF_124_google_3d

Hoy en HackerNews publican una nota de Wired: “How Would You Redo the Google Interface?” donde 4 diseñadores reimaginan a Google; estos gráficos son de Ideo que en 2004 decía:

‘The Google button. It’s your trusted link to relevant information anywhere.’ This concept moves Google from World Wide Web to world-at-large. It positions Google as a global infrastructure that provides a physical, context-aware link to relevant information. By taking advantage of context, Google can provide targeted information in almost any capacity.”

Google Now 4 años antes que exista incluso el primer release de Android; después preguntan porque Ideo es un líder.

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