Dear Mediatemple, please close my account

Esto es una copia exacta de la nota por la que pedi el cierre de la cuenta en Mediatemple, una empresa que siempre defendí contra viento y marea y donde estaba hosteado

Dear Mediatemple, please close my account:
Im really tired of the lack of service, the constant upgrades (all with charge) you impose to my account, the GPU consumption, the Grid.05 incidents, you end up being more expensive than a Dedicated Server in Europe and, to make things worse, having a performance and downtimes that are worst than Hostgator or Dreamhost the "cheap kids on the block"

Is that a rant of an angry customer? please dont think so, I've been with Mediatemple since 9Rules and i've been a loyal customer.. however in the last year, you've become a truly bad service.. dont count on my word, please check my domain performance with some Google Webmaster Tool and you will realize the bad service you are providing me... who host only a simple and small weblog.

Regards, and please close my account ASAP
P.S.: I've payed a year in advance, use the balance left (I really dont recall how much is it) to improve your service.

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