Vinton Cerf en Argentina: Evolución de Internet en el S XXI

Pequeño servicio a la “comunidad”: Dr. Vint Cerf, que ahora es Vicepresidente y Chief Internet Evangelist de Google pero con una historia gigantesca, hablará de La evolución de Internet en el siglo XXI el miércoles 22 de agosto a las 10hrs. en la Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Aula Magna, Pabellón I, Ciudad Universitaria)

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  1. te dejo el abstract, no econtré links en internet:

    Tracking the Internet into the 21st Century

    The Internet has grown dramatically from its initial experimental form (three networks) to a burgeoning world infrastructure of significant value and utility. In this talk, I will survey the current state of the Internet and the technologies that are evolving to support it and raise some issues about technical challenges yet to be faced. We’ll go on to look at some problems requiring research to solve and others that represent thorny policy issues of international scope (spam, denial of service attacks, abuses of domain names, fraud, harassment, etc). We will also see how network-oriented applications are becoming very popular both for reliability reasons and also to enable collaborative work. As consumer devices become part of the Internet, we will discover new kinds of network-based services that allow third parties to help users manage their entertainment and work. Finally, we will spend some time on the extension of the Internet to operation across the solar system as a communication infrastructure in support of manned and robotic space exploration.

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