Creative Intelligence: enfocarse primero en lo significativo para la gente

Me gustó mucho el libro de Bruce Nussbaum, Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire a quien vi en la conferencia PSFK 2013 y del cual me gustaría rescatar una frase en particular y la copio y pego en inglés porque no quiero que se malinterprete el valor de la tecnología y la estrategia en el diseño :)

What is your ultimate vision for the future of design?
– I would like to see someone come up with money for a C-School in New York that would complement the things it generates. New York really needs its own D-school for its own culture. Let’s call it a C-School! We don’t want a D-School, we don’t want it focusing on tech but one that focuses on culture and creativity so we want to comment design from more cultural point of view, as opposed to technological point of view, because most design and most creativity would do well by first focusing on what is meaningful to people and then finding the technology to deliver. The Google model of engineers just having a great time coming up with inventions and then showing them to the world to see what works is also particularly inspirational, and some tenets could be used from that.

We need to also return to ‘making’. For about 20 years people with design thinking we focused on strategy and on branding, which are all very important. I wanted to bring back ‘making’ especially now that we have new technologies that are making, ‘making’ possible again on a vast scale. People want the confidence that comes out of putting together a product.

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