5 razones por las que las redes sociales no funcionan

Molly Wood escribe un interesante artículo en C!Net, Five reasons social networking doesn't work (la misma editora que cada tanto escribe algunas cosas ridículas); y es bastante interesante sobre todo viendo como en un momento todos hablaban/mos de Friendster, luego de Orkut, luego de etc.etc. y , al menos por ahora, la única que siguen visitando regularmente (al menos con los que hablo sobre el tema) es LinkedIn. Hago un pequeño resumen a continuación:

1. There's nothing to do there: ..."is akin to getting invited to a party where all the cool kids are going, then showing up and finding out there's no food, no drinks, no band, no games, no pool, nothing"

2. It takes too much time"...One of the reasons I think personal blogs win out over social networking is that they're inherently more personal, more inwardly focused, and a better chance to show more than a snapshot of yourself...."

3. Traffic alone isn't enough:"...that traffic alone just doesn't cut it. You can get all the visitors you want to your site, but you can't just blanket the thing with ads and hope to survive..."

4. Strangers kind of suck: "... (or, put nicely, the social hierarchy is really not that attractive).

5. We already have the Internet: ".... You can, in just a few hops, get to someone who knows someone or knows something that you need to know. That may be a valuable proposal in the business world, which gives a site like LinkedIn a better chance of survival than Friendster. ...

Esto me hace recordar el post de Furilo sobre este mismo tema

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