que fotito Kevinsites, acaba de ganar el “2005 Wired Rave Awards” en blogs; uno de los sites más interesantes de los famosos warblogs.

El premio fue por “reescribir las reglas de los reportes de guerra”, punto que es sin dudas su gran “aporte” al medio fue la “voz propia” y poco menos que en tiempo real que le agregaba a todos sus reportes; estuvo en casi todos los focos de guerra de los ultimos tiempos. según su bio

“He has covered war zones in Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.” …”Sites provided viewers with independent reports from the frontlines of Northern Iraq. Traveling with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Sites broadcasted live as coalition air strikes hit Iraqi positions in Chamchamal and Kirkuk.”…”Sites’s reporting was cut short, however, when Iraqi Fedayeen militia outside of Tikrit captured him and his team”…”Sites also spent nearly six months on the front lines in Afghanistan for NBC and MSNBC News, covering the Northern and Eastern Alliance forces prior to and after the fall of the Taliban.”…”Sites has made several trips to Colombia, covering U.S. anti-drug efforts, including cocoa spraying operations and the training of the Colombian government’s Jungle Commandos.”…”As a producer for NBC News, he received an Edward R. Murrow Award for coverage of the war in Kosovo and was nominated for a national Emmy Award for contributions to a series on landmines.”


Vía Xeni (que lo impulsó hace 2 años a abrir este blog)